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Urgent Care Specialist

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Friedberg Eye Associates P.A.

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Friedberg Eye Associates offers urgent care services to patients throughout southern New Jersey as well as Woodbury, New Jersey. These services are available to any patient experiencing acute problems that need to be addressed immediately, such as extreme pain, sudden loss of vision, injuries to the eye, or other serious conditions.

Urgent Care Q & A

What is urgent care?

Urgent eye care is a service for patients who have a serious eye problem that requires immediate attention. The purpose of an urgent eye care appointment is to evaluate the patient, find the cause of the problem, and determine the appropriate treatment.

What conditions require urgent care?

Urgent care is necessary for patients who are experiencing:

  • Eye pain
  • Sudden vision loss
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Foreign body in eye
  • Sudden onset of double vision
  • Sudden appearance of “floaters” or “flashing lights”

In some cases, a patient may have an issue that requires prompt but not urgent treatment. Symptoms that doctors should investigate within a few days include:

  • Headaches involving the eye
  • Redness and/or drainage from the eye
  • Lumps or blisters in the eye
  • Feelings of a foreign body in the eye

How quickly is urgent care available?

When a patient calls Friedberg Eye Associates with a problem that needs urgent care, they’ll make an appointment for the patient as soon as possible. Friedberg Eye Associates holds certain appointments open for patients with emergencies. Most urgent situations will be seen the day of the call.

How can patients prevent the need for urgent care?

Patients won’t be able to prevent every possible emergency. However, patients can reduce their chances of needing urgent care by exercising caution at home. One of the most common issues that require urgent care is an injury to the eye. Patients can prevent injuries to the eye by wearing protective eye gear whenever they’re in situations that could cause injury. Examples of situations that could cause eye injury include working with chemicals, being near uncontrolled open flames, using sharp objects, and playing contact sports, gardening, yard work.

What treatments are available in emergencies?

The treatment prescribed to patients with urgent eye conditions will depend on the cause of the problem. For example, if a patient comes to the office with an eye injury, the doctors at Friedberg Eye Associates will take steps to minimize the damage to the eye and promote healing.