Safe Toys and Celebrations Month

Boy Playing with Toys

This holiday season is a time for family, fun and celebration, but also a time to think about safety. During December’s Safe Toys and Celebrations Month we encourage everyone to take a number of steps before purchasing toys, sports equipment, opening a bottle of champagne, and even going near the Christmas tree. 

Every year we see many eye injuries that seemingly safe and innocent toys can cause. That is why we are urging patients to purchase safe toys and gifts this holiday season and all year long. Before a toy is purchased one must check toy labels for age recommendations and select only those gifts that are suitable for the child’s age and maturity level. We do not recommend purchasing toys or games with sharp, protruding or projectile parts. 

Every year 40,000 sports related eye injuries occur. Most accidents occur this time of year. Sports equipment may cause permanent vision damage and most of the victims are children. We recommend that protective gear, such as helmets, face masks and/or goggles are also given with this kind of gift.

Champagne may not seem like it could be harmful, but the cork on the bottle may pose a threat if not opened correctly. The bottle should be opened carefully by covering the cork with a towel and slowly twisting it off, it should also be pointed away from bystanders. Sparkling wine should be chilled at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit prior to opening because a warm bottle is likely to pop.

Fireworks are never safe when celebrating a holiday. Fireworks should only be handled by a professional. Children especially should not handle fireworks sparklers, firecrackers, or M-80’s.

Believe it or not, Christmas trees can present a hidden danger to one’s eyes. Needles can be hazardous to the eyes. Branches can also swing forward when attempting to untie the tree. Sharp and glass ornaments should be hung out of reach to avoid possible injury to a child.

By following these simple safety tips, the holidays should be injury free. Please remember to celebrate safely and urge others to celebrate safely. 

Friedberg Eye Associates wishes you and your family a healthy, happy and safe Holiday!

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