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Woodbury Eyewear (located inside Friedberg Eye Associates, PA) has licensed, knowledgeable and experienced opticians. They are dedicated to helping you select the proper frames and lenses that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

Before selecting and purchasing eyewear there are few things to consider - all of which will help us recommend products that best fit your lifestyle. 

What you do on a daily basis?
Where you work, how you work and how you spend your leisure time may have an impact on your choice. We would like to know if you use a computer, spend a lot of time driving, traveling, play sports, work outdoors or are around hazards. 

Is this your first time purchasing eyewear or do you currently wear glasses?
When you visit our Optical shop, we will inquire about these things. If you currently wear glasses we want to know if there is something you like or don't like about them.

The following special eyewear products may be suggested based on your personal needs:

Lighter Thinner Lenses - Such lenses are called high index. These lenses can make stronger corrections lighter in weight and more attractive because they are thinner. 

No Line Bifocals - These lenses also known as progressive lenses can provide all the benefits of bifocals. They feature continuous clear vision at all distances including mid range (arms length), while eliminating the line that is common in most bifocals. 

Poly-carbonate - These lenses are the most impact resistant lenses available and are always the lenses of choice for children and those who are active. 

Anti-Reflection Coating - This special coating is particularly effective for reducing eye fatigue for computer operators and anyone driving at night. In addition the coating enhances the appearance by removing all distracting reflections. 

Ultra Violet Filter - This special treatment blocks out ultra violet light rays that are potentially harmful to the eyes. They are beneficial for computer users, sports enthusiasts and people with serious eye disorders. 

Polarized Sun Lenses - These are the ultra violet sun lenses that eliminate reflected glare. They are especially beneficial for drivers, fishermen, hunters and all types of outdoor activities. 

Your eyewear, which is custom made by skilled licensed opticians, is inspected to ensure the highest quality. When complete, we adjust the frames for maximum fit and comfort. We will also review the product's features and benefits with you as well as any special care and cleaning instructions. We will supply a case to help protect your investment. We also offer an extended warranty for purchase. 

We are also pleased to provide free cleaning and complimentary adjustments for the life of your glasses.

Our opticians are ready to help you choose what is best for you from within our collection of hundreds of styles and designs. They also have non-prescription sunglasses ready for purchase! Stop in and see them Today!

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